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Resolve’s Night Shelter

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                                  Resolve’s Night Shelter is an All Year Round, dormitory style Night Shelter.

We provide two meals daily as part of your stay, evening meal and breakfast

Open 7 days a week
Opening times 7.00pm to 8.00am daily

If you are homeless or you know someone who is, please contact Resolve’s Night Shelter on:
Office day or night: 01707 268221
Night Shelter Manager: 07305838522
Outreach Day Service Manager: 07982921813
Facebook: @ResolveCharity
Professionals: Referral Form

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Access to Resolve’s Night Shelter is STRICTLY following a satisfactory assessment ONLY. If you turn up without having been assessed we will NOT be able to offer you a bed in the Shelter that day/night. Please ensure you call or get to our day service at Queensway House BEFORE 2.00pm in order to be able to be considered for an assessment.

Please be aware, Resolve’s Night Shelter has limited capacity, as a result there may be a waiting list, so simply being assessed cannot guarantee a bed for that day/night. We shall always endeavour to support everyone who comes to Resolve’s Night Shelter as quickly as we can.

Resolve’s Night Shelter
Queensway House
Hatfield Town Centre
Herts AL10 0LW
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