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New Position – Chef/Manager for Sparks “Pay What You Can” Community Café

We are looking for the right person who wants to join the RESOLVE Team and be a part of a new and exciting opportunity – SPARKS Community Cafe & Hub – Sparks is a “Pay What You Can” Cafe for the WHOLE COMMUNITY. We are looking for the right person to lead this project and work closely with Resolve’s Night Shelter and Outreach Day Service Teams to deliver this amazing new project. Email CVs to or call 01707 690739 for further information.

Post Title:    Chef/Manager – Sparks Community Café

(Pay & Conditions in line with Senior Project Manager Post)

Grade/Salary Range: Practice / Grade 4 Starting at £25,133 pa

Service Area: Sparks Community Café Hatfield

Department: Sparks Community Café & Night Shelter Hatfield

Accountable to: CEO

Purpose of Role

Chef/Manager – To organise and run the Sparks Community Café, providing fresh cooked food for public/patrons of the Cafe and provide fresh cooked meals/menu for Resolve’s Night Shelter.

To contribute to the achievement of Resolve’s overall Strategy, Aims and Objectives, by assuming responsibility for the effective management and delivery of the Sparks Community Cafe.

Main Responsibilities

  1. To ensure the professional and economic success of the SPARKS Community Cafe
  2. The coordination, management of the SPARKS Community Café and supervision of all assigned staff team members, paid and volunteer, ensuring highest quality of all aspects of service delivery, primarily within the Community Café and Shelter provision.
  3. To work closely and proactively with other senior manager colleagues to ensure a strong and effective management coalition.
  4. Lead the delivery of the Sparks Community Café and Kitchen for the Night Shelter.
  5. As required, recruit, develop and retain paid/volunteer staff for the SPARKS Community Cafe. This will include induction and appropriate training in line with legal requirements and with Resolve’s policies and procedures.
  6. Ensure the Key Work service and structured day programme are delivered within relevant best practice guidelines. These services should be pertinent to the needs of beneficiaries, with all necessary resources available to deliver the appropriate level of service.
  7. Assist with services directly if, as or when necessary.

Person Specification

Chef must be able to:

  • Manage relationships with distributors and resolve issues with suppliers promptly
  • Follow a budget established
  • Ensure safety and sanitation practices in the kitchen
  • Manage kitchen staff and delegate tasks related to meal prep, cooking and delivering food to diners in a timely fashion
  • Maintain the schedule for kitchen staff
  • Monitor food and staff costs
  • Keep up with industry trends and create new recipes/menus to ensure interest in the Cafe 

Specific areas of responsibility

Delivery and Quality across the entire food preparation and provision service for both the Café and Night Shelter.

  • Setting up the kitchen with cooking utensils and equipment, like knives, pans and food scales
  • Studying each recipe and gathering all necessary ingredients
  • Cooking food in a timely manner
  • To ensure the economic success of the Cafe

Personal Development

The post holder to fully engage in Resolve’s appraisal system to facilitate improvements in both their own job performance and professional development and those for whom they carry line management responsibility.

Health & Safety

The post holder will be required to uphold and abide by Resolve’s Health and Safety principles and code of conduct, and to take all reasonable steps to ensure both their own safety in the work place as well as that of their colleagues and service users.

To ensure Health and Safety standards are maintained and risk is mitigated to the lowest level possible by:

  • Maintaining good housekeeping standards within own work area, immediately reporting hazards and ensuring they are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Bringing to the attention of the relevant party any hazards identified outside of own work area


To ensure compliance with internal and external standards and codes of conduct by:

  • Meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Complying with Resolve’s policies and procedures
  • Reporting any contravention of procedures to line manager or appropriate person within Resolve.

Equal Opportunities

The post-holder agrees to promote and uphold the principles of equal opportunities in accordance with Resolve’s Equality and Diversity Policy and all related policies.

Data Protection

The post holder will be required not to disclose any confidential or sensitive information to a third party or outside organisation except where informed consent has been obtained or the disclosure qualifies as an ‘exclusion’ as defined in the Act.


The post-holder shall not disclose any information relating to Resolve, its employees or clients/service users to a third party except where required to do so by law.

This document forms part of the post-holder’s contractual terms and conditions of employment.  The document is not an exhaustive list of core elements of the role.  This job description is a working document and may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement.

Appendix 1

The diagram shows the context in which this role is intended to operate within Resolve. The actual structure may be changed to accommodate any changes in Resolve’s operational requirements