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About Resolve

Resolve – Founded 2008

Over the years services have come and gone for many reasons, but we knew that what people really want, what they need, is a service that stays, supports and gives continuity for people as they travel the often very difficult road of recovery. Making major changes in your life can be very difficult. It is all the more difficult if the service you are accessing moves, changes, or even closes altogether and so in April 2008 Resolve was founded as a direct result of the identified need to support and help people in the Welwyn Hatfield area recover from the many issues arising from alcohol and/or substance misuse.

Resolve was established as an abstinence based, Recovery drug & alcohol day service, providing adult services that seek to address the needs of the community we support. As a result, Resolve continues to grow and diversify, ever expanding our services in order to support an ever growing population and to answer the needs of the Communities that Resolve works within.

Resolve supports the whole family through our structured programmes, our values and our services for people with issues, their family members, carers and loved ones.

Today Resolve delivers services across the County of Hertfordshire, with service centres based in East & North Herts, and continues to expand our services as we secure the necessary funding required. Our work continues to answer the needs of the Community we serve.

If you, or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or any substance, then contact Resolve.
We are here to help. 

Resolve – Help to Help Yourself