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Housing First

Welwyn Hatfield Housing First

Resolve is a delivery partner of a Homeless reduction initiative lead by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Welwyn Hatfield Housing First Project, aimed at supporting people who are street homeless and may be sleeping rough in the borough. This project aims to help people get off the streets and to find appropriate accommodation. This will not grantee a “council house”, but is aimed at supporting people so they can get off the streets and into accommodation wherever possible. If you are homeless/sleeping rough or you know someone who is please call 01707 268221 and let our Team know.

The Hatfield Night Shelter – Tackling Homelessness and supporting people Sleeping Rough

Giving Hatfield's homeless a safe space to sleep this winter. The Hatfield Night Shelter closed at the end of March this year after a long winter supporting many people and helping many move on into employment and independent living. We are currently looking at ways to continue to support people who are homeless and/or sleeping rough and very much hope to be running a shelter again very soon. For further info on the Hatfield Night Shelter please stay in touch at:

In the meantime Resolve is still working with our partners delivering the Housing First Project, details are on this page so if you are in need of help, or you know someone who is, please contact Resolve on 01707 268221 or report someone sleeping rough to the Borough Council and they will contact Resolve or our partners, such as The Haven to investigate and support them.

More News on our Shelter to come here and on our Social Platforms on Twitter and Facebook.